Monday, March 9, 2009

Bed Bath & Beyond: $4.99 Roaster Deal

Look for the new Bed Bath & Beyond circular. Ours arrived last Friday in the mail; it includes a $5 off $15 or more coupon on the back. This is a GREAT deal if you need a roasting pan (with a v-rack) for roasting whole chickens or turkeys!

$19.99 Oneida® Gourmet Nonstick 18" Roaster with V-Rack
-$5 off $15 coupon from BBB circular
$14.99 total (before tax)

-$10.00 BBB Mail-in Rebate
$4.99 after rebate!

We just roasted a turkey again yesterday and it was WONDERFUL and moist! My husband now believes wholeheartedly in brining our whole birds (chickens and turkeys). Here are our 2 favorite brine recipes if you'd like to try them for yourself (both use a v-rack roaster!):
  • Out of This World Turkey Brine
    (we use a Reynold's Oven Bag to keep it simple)
  • Cook's Illustrated Easy Roast Chicken
    (also found in the Cook's Illustrated Chicken Cookbook, available through our local library system) The Cook's Illustrated recipe also gives the option of roasting 2 chickens at once, perfect for stocking your freezer with chicken if there's a sale on whole fryers!

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  1. Thanks - I needed a new roaster pan, and this was a great find!


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