Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Price Books: Know the Best Prices around Town

Do you pay attention to what items cost at regular price? Do you know a good sale price when you see one? It ALWAYS helps to do your research when spending money.

Many bargain shoppers keep a PRICE BOOK for the items they buy frequently. Don't worry, this doesn't have to be elaborate - if you have a great memory, you might even be able to keep one in your head!

When does this come in handy? While I don't keep up with a price book like I should, there have been some times when we needed to compare prices across the board:

  • Warehouse Clubs like Sam's and Costco
    You need to know whether you're really getting the best deal at any warehouse store. For example, I can buy 5 lbs of bread flour for around $3.50 at Meijer, or I can get 25 lbs of bread flour for $7.50 at Sam's (yes, I do a considerable amount of baking!). However, in many instances sale prices with coupons will beat out warehouse pricing. And unless you use the large amounts you're purchasing, it's not always worth it.

  • Diapers
    When buying disposable diapers (a product you'll use in bulk!), you'll want to know who has the best price per diaper. If you're brand-loyal, this is still important. We used Target diapers because they beat out the prices on other store brands and they work just as well - a decision we came to after creating a price book page comparison!

  • Your Favorite Products
    You'll want to know the prices for your family's favorite items, especially if you buy them OFTEN and they aren't usually featured on sale. Example? I buy Galaxy's Veggie Slices, a specialty food item which has never gone on sale. Meijer carries them for $2.99. Kroger prices them at $2.39, so I make sure I buy them at Kroger when I need them!

  • Store Locations
    Keep in mind that prices vary by store location. Example? Meijer locations offer different regular prices. Jello costs $0.64 in Sterling Heights (16 & Van Dyke) but $0.89 in Utica (M-59 & Schoenherr). Make sure to note both store name AND location on your price list!

Some shoppers like to list regular, sale and best sale prices (including the date of the last best sale) for items in their price book. You'll want to know, for example, how much boneless, skinless chicken breast costs at regular price (usually more than $3/lb, though I don't advise buying it then!), at sale price ($1.99) and at a best sale price ($1.49/lb, when you'll want to stock up and fill your freezer!).

I do my best to highlight best area prices each week in red. You'll want to check out these prices this week.

Learn more about price books and how to create your own here:

Do you keep a price book? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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