Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Leave a Comment..If You Can!

I've now learned that the error associated with leaving comments on Blogger blogs is a widespread issue that many bloggers have been dealing with since May. It seems to be more common with readers who use Internet Explorer. Blogger is attempting to deal with the issue. We hope.

I made one suggested change to repair the problem, but I can't be sure it worked. IF you receive an error message when trying to post a comment next time, please try one of these solutions:
  • Use the BACK button and attempt to post again
  • Click the REFRESH button and attempt to post again
  • Disable your POP-UP BLOCKER and attempt to post again

Keep in mind that comments are moderated and will not appear until I approve them. You will most likely not see them for a while after you submit - but that doesn't mean that the comment didn't get through!

Admittedly, blogging can get lonely at times. It's almost like speaking to a wall! We can all benefit from your comments and I hope to hear from all of you soon!


  1. Turning off my pop-up blocker worked.

    Well, if this goes through. Usually by this time, I've already gotten an error message.

    Anyhow, I love your new design!

  2. Please dont feel like you are talking to a wall. We are out here and benefit SO MUCH from your hard work! Thanks for everything!

  3. This is a test

  4. I totally love that there are people from Metro Detroit doing this - you guys rock! Keep up the good work!


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