Saturday, July 11, 2009

Super Shopping Report: Week of July 5

VG's (Tripling coupons up to $0.99 this week):
VG's ad changes on Monday, so these totals include a Sunday trip with last week's deals as well. We normally don't spend this much money in a given week, but the meat markdowns were just too good to pass up. Our freezer is stocked now! Note that this list represents several transactions in all.

  • (7) Tony's Pizza singles, $0.16 each after coupon
  • (3) Ragu Pasta Sauce, FREE after coupon
  • (14) McCormick GrillMates Seasoning Packets, FREE after coupon
  • (2) Knorr Gravy Mix Envelopes, FREE after coupon
  • (1) Smucker's Ice Cream Topping, FREE after coupon
  • (9) Frito Lay 100 Calorie 5 pk Snacks, $0.35 each after coupon
  • (3) McCormick Crushed Garlic, $0.04 each after coupon (reg $2.29)
  • (3) Trident Gum packs, FREE after coupon
  • (2) Spartan Drumsticks, 3 lb pkgs, marked down to $1.50 each
  • (3) Jennie-O Breakfast Turkey Patties, marked down to $0.95 each
  • (1) Jennie-O Breakfast Sausage Links, marked down to $1.33
  • (2) Jennie-O Lean Italian Seasoned Ground Turkey, marked down to $1.25 (reg $4.99)
  • (1) Jennie-O Turkey Brats, marked down to $1.25 (reg $4.99)
  • (7) Jennie-O 93/7 Lean Ground Turkey pkgs, marked down to $1.25 each (reg $4.99)
    Used 4 $1.00/1 peelie coupons from a previous coupon trade
  • (2) Hillshire Farm Oven Roasted Chicken, marked down to $1.00 each (reg $2.69)
  • (9) Hormel Pepperoni, $0.04 each after coupon (reg $2.29)
  • (12) Dannon Yogurt cups, $0.10 each after coupon (reg $0.67)
  • (1) Multigrain Cheerios, $0.42 after coupon (reg $4.19)
  • (3) Hot Pockets, $0.50 each after coupon (reg $2.59)
  • (1) Fast Shake Pancake Mix, FREE after coupon
    This non-insert coupon came in a recent coupon train.
  • (1) Spartan gallon Milk, $1.77 on sale

    TOTAL SPENT: $28.20
    Plus, we received 89 "Community Share Points." When the receipts are turned in to our church, these will be used to purchase 2 pairs of socks for the homeless! Not to mention all the extra free/cheap food that we'll be able to donate because of this shopping trip!

Oak Ridge (Doubles coupons up to $1.00). These deals ended Monday:

  • (2) Eckrich Hot Dog packages, FREE after coupon
  • (2) Bounty Basic Paper Towels, FREE after coupon
  • (3) pkgs of Lean Ground Chuck at $1.59/lb
    This meat was mixed, shaped into 36 burgers and frozen for later meals!
  • TOTAL SPENT: $13.22


  • (1) Meijer Ice Cream Cones, $1.00
  • (12) Fruit 2 O Essentials Water, $0.05 each after coupons
  • (2) 12 ct Popsicles, $1.00 each (from a previous sale with raincheck)
  • (2) Silk Soy Milk 64 oz cartons, $1.67 each after coupons
  • Bag of golden delicious apples on markdown, $0.61
  • Bananas ($0.54/lb), cherries ($1.77/lb), seedless grapes ($0.99/lb), plums ($0.99/lb)
  • (2) Crayola 24 ct crayons, $0.19 each
  • (2) AeroGarden Lettuce Mix seed pods (reg $14.99), clearanced to $3.74 each
    I found a slightly used AeroGarden for $10 at a yard sale earlier this summer and was hoping to find some seeds that cost less than the AeroGarden itself!

    TOTAL: $13.83 (includes a $3.00 checkout coupon from the Dole Salad/Naturewell Beef Deal and 10% off Grocery checkout coupon)

While this is a little more than I'd like to be spending weekly, it included 19 packages of butcher-quality meat at excellent prices. We'll be able to live off that meat "stockpile" for the coming weeks when sales are sparse.

What were your best deals this week?


  1. How do you manage to get all of the VG deals? Is there a certain day that is better to go? I've been there I think 3 times and they've never had the Hormel pepperoni or Frito Lays. And how do you know the cashier will triple the coupons that say do not double? I tried it with one coupon and the first time she wouldn't do it. The second time the cashier did. It's so hit or miss, I don't want to take the chance with a bunch of items. It gets a bit frustrating sometimes. But I'm headed there this morning, so we'll see!

  2. Wow! Jolyn, you did great.
    I have to make myself check out VG's one of the time they're having triple coupons. It's a little bit of a drive from my house which is why I haven't already. But after seeing what you got, I want to try to =)

  3. Linda,

    It can be hit-or-miss with some of the triples deals. We've run into 2 cashiers at the Shelby store that refuse them. When that happens, we just remove those items from our order and avoid that cashier the next time. I've noticed, too, that a printable coupon with "do not double" seems to red flag them to search your coupon stack for others (like the MultiGrain Cheerios this week).

    Half the time, they've been out of the pepperoni or Frito Lays (that deal died on Sunday). But this is the result of multiple trips. I think we went Tues, Wed and Thurs mornings.

    We found GREAT meat markdowns each time! They've got such a great meat department that even their markdowns show no signs of quality loss and still have 2 or more days before expiration!

    I hope you have better luck this morning!

  4. Kristie,

    The triples are good through July 19 - so this will be the last week! :)

  5. could you by chance explain the community share points? do we give our receipts to any church a participating one do we have to sign up for something? thanks


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