Wednesday, July 8, 2009

VG's Update: New Deals Added

I just wanted you to know that after a few VG's trips this week, I've added additional matchups for the in-store sales I've found. View the
most recent matchups here. New deals include:

$0.25 after coupon - Luigi's Italian Ice, 6 pk
$0.75 after coupon - Ben & Jerry's Flipped Out!, 2 pk
$1.00 after coupon - Starbucks Ice Cream
$1.34 after coupon - Tyson Chicken or Steak Strips, 6 oz
$1.50 after coupon - Grande Tortilla Chips, 13 oz

VG's has had a wonderful amount of meat markdowns lately (FYI: We shop the Shelby location). The best part? The meat is discounted anywhere from 55-75% (Meijer and Kroger are famous for wimpy 30% markdowns). It is still good quality and usually has 1-2 days left before expiration. I've also seen dairy markdowns. Be sure to check for the little yellow tags!

If you ever shop with your kids, it's worth taking a moment to sign up for this club. They'll get a membership card which entitles them to a free cookie from the bakery when you visit, along with other scheduled events. My kids now look forward to the shopping trip. Not to mention that a well-timed snack curbs both hunger and whining!

Have you enjoyed this triple coupon even as much as I have? For the most part, the store has been well-stocked and the cashiers friendly. Be sure to call and speak to your store manager or send an email
using the online form here. When customers respond favorably with compliments, it encourages the management to consider another triple coupon event in the future!

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