Thursday, July 9, 2009

What is the Best Price on Diapers?

It seems as though I could use a little help! And quickly!

Not all that long ago, I developed a price list for diapers. I did all of the math and divided by cost per diaper. Since I'm not necessarily brand-loyal when it comes to diapers, the hands-down winner was Target Brand Diapers, between $0.10-0.13 per diaper, depending on size. And they worked for us!

Target has since discontinued Target brand diapers - gasp! - and replaced them with Up & Up brand. Though Up & Up appears to be a discount store brand, they have both raised the price and reduced the count per box, making it no longer economical to purchase there. Warehouse stores don't really seem to be competitive when it comes to diaper pricing, either.

We rely on cloth diapers (Fuzzi Bunz) for my 2-year-old when hanging around home, but use disposables when out or traveling. It appears that our diaper stash is almost completely depleted and I have little idea where to turn. My sister has found herself in the same predicament, plus she's delivering her newest blessing in one week and has no newborn diapers!

Can you help? What do you use? And where's the best deal?


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Kroger's brand of diapers - they work far better than Luvs for us!

    As far as cost, I'm not sure. I've always gotten them on sale and I don't pay close enough attention to the price per diaper.

  2. I use Pampers & Huggies - but I buy them on sale, with coupons & rebates. There's a great deal right now, and Rite-Aid has a rebate dealt that is pretty inexpensive too.

  3. I'm adding these responses received via email:

    From Carol -
    My price to meet or beat is 13 cents, and I try all different scenarios. Comforts on sale with the $3 Q were getting me near that, around 15 cents per. This month I did the Rite Aid Huggies deal, and even though I had to spend $50 oop, I will get a $25 gift card and a $2 rebate. After I did the math on the whole scenario --with the voucher for another pkg. --it ended up at 170 diapers for $23, or 13.5 cents per. I can live with having to wait for the rebates. Hope that helps

    From Dawn -
    I'm sure you're already aware of this one but there's a good scenario for cheap Huggies pull-ups on one of the blogs when you pair coupons with the $14 catalina that prints from Unilever. If I remember correctly it works out to about 2.13/package. Good week to stock up on those!

    Thanks, everyone! And keep the comments coming!

  4. I also used Target Brand diapers before they switched to Up & Up brand. I was paying 19 cents per diaper for Target Brand. I have since switched to Parents Choice from Walmart. The price per diaper is also 18-19 cents for the big box. I use these when I am desperate for diapers and I cannot find brand name diapers for an incredible deal.


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