Monday, October 12, 2009

Macomb Money Savers Reader Sightings

Well, let's just say I'm feeling appreciated today! :) These emails completely made my day when they arrived in my inbox over the last few weeks. And now that they're in one place, I smile just reading them again.

You may have heard me mention before that I have some of the best blog readers around, and these reports might help you to understand why. Not only are you supportive, but you're NICE to other shoppers - nice enough to tell them how to save even more money each week! I find it hilarious that Macomb Money Savers readers have started to collide in area stores (it's one of those great things about having a local website)! Maybe YOU were featured in these stories and you'll remember the encounter. Maybe you have met a reader but I never heard about it. Or maybe you will meet a really nice coupon clipper at the store next week - and you just might find out you read the same blog! :)

  • I just wanted to say a quick thanks to you for your blog. I visit it every day, and it has helped me immensely in planning my weekly trips. You've done a great job with it, and I wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciated it. I was actually walking thru Meijer's today with my binder and had a very nice lady stop me and ask if I had heard of a great website - yours! I laughed and explained my addiction to it, and then told her all about

  • I was standing next to this woman at the Fire Station Open House this weekend and she was talking about how she has a blog. I asked, Which one?" It was for homeschooling, and I told her I have a friend that does a blog. She asked which one and after I told her Macomb Money Savers, she said, "Oh yeah, that is my absolute favorite. I look at that everyday!!!"

  • So, I was at the 12 Mile/Mound Meijer just a bit ago picking up some stuff and went through the self check, and of course I had a handful of coupons. As I start to scan the mealbox coupons, my computer locks up and the cashier comes over. She looks at the stuff I’m buying, and my handful of mealbox coupons, and we start talking. It turns out that she and her daughter are hardcore couponers as well. Then she tells me that she found this great site online that does all the match-ups and how it is kept up and really organized and the person who is running it is really on top of the deals. When she pauses, I cut in and ask her what site she is talking about, and it is you!!!!

  • I have to tell you, I was at my local Kmart since they are doing the full blown total doubles thing this week and this woman at the next register was buying mounds of stuff with a bajillion coupons. I started talking to her and blogs came up. She said my favorite one is Macomb Money Savers!!! You're a celebrity!

THANKS to those of you who are out there spreading the word! Don't forget that though we're all super cool savers, we're not an exclusive group! The more people who can benefit from this information, the better (especially if you're considerate and not clearing the shelves for the rest of us)! My mission is complete when others are able to use the matchups I work on each week. So go ahead and tell that fellow shopper about Macomb Money Savers! And then tell me just because I like to smile...


  1. Hey!! The lady at the fire department was me!!!! WHat a small world.

  2. I had a good laugh at the story about the 12/Mound Meijer cashier. That has got to be Fran! Her daughter works there, too. She's a sweetheart and always a great help.

  3. Wow, Scrapingirl, that was YOU!? :)

    And Melanie, it WAS a cashier named Fran! Makes me wish I shopped the 12/Mound Meijer! Sweet, helpful cashiers always make the shopping experience a lot nicer!

  4. I also talked to Fran during the crystal light deal and she was interested in attending the coupons swap. Someone else had also mentioned this site along with the coupon site to her.


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