Thursday, October 15, 2009

Meijer: Deal Updates for the week of October 11

My family and I have returned from 3 days of travel and I'm back online. I took along the computer and was happy to have wi-fi for the first day - I was able to sit in hotel at night and catch up on deal posting and emails. However, when the hotel's internet decided to suddenly require repair, I was left in the dark for the rest of the journey. Thanks to all of you who left comments about the Meijer deals (and for understanding my tardiness on updates) - I'm working on updating the list soon!

Here's what you'll want to know when you shop at Meijer this week (more updates):

  • In an unexpected move, Meijer pulled the Meijer Mealbox coupon for $1.00/4 Campbell's Soups which created so many great deal scenarios. If you printed early in the week, these coupons are still valid in the store. If not, it appears that we may be out of luck. Feel free to let Meijer know what you think about that. Yet another lesson in the-early-printer-gets-the-worm!

  • On Meijer Mealbox, you DO have the option of saving Mealbox coupons as a PDF document (so that you can print what you'd like even IF Meijer chooses to remove coupons later). Select all of the coupons you want to print and add them to your Shopping List. Click on the Shopping List tab to view the coupons you've chosen and a small window will appear with the following choices:

    Select Coupons and click on PRINT AS PDF to get a pdf file that you can save to your computer and print at a later date. HINT:
    Save a PDF of Mealbox coupons early in the week and you'll avoid losing out on a Mealbox deal if anything changes later! Thanks, Beth!

  • Meijer is not giving a Catalina coupon for $1.00 off milk on the Pillsbury Simply variety of cookie dough. The ad states: Buy Two Pillsbury Refrigerated Cooked Dough 14-16.5 oz pkg, Get $1 off Meijer Gallon Milk (excludes chocolate or Meijer organics). Apparenly, this is an instant savings promotion, not a Catalina deal, and the Pillsbury Simply cookies should be included. So be sure you're purchasing milk with your Pillsbury Cookie Dough and it will (hopefully) work just fine.

    You CAN purchase multiples (Buy 4 cookies and 2 gallons of milk) and you'll get $1 off each gallon purchased. Thanks, Beth!

  • Meijer Catalinas will usually "roll," meaning that you can use your checkout coupon from one transaction to pay for the same deal again. This isn't a general rule, however, and you'll want to be sure before you attempt it. You'll see that some commenters have rolled the checkout coupons successfully on the Campbell's/Pepperidge Farm Bread deal and can vouch for it.


  1. Great, thanks for the updates! Thankfully I did print the coupon before it was pulled. Great idea about the Penny Trick, I hadn't thought of that!

  2. wow! thanks for all the updates and clarification. Other readers have been VERY helpful too, but it was so nice to have all the questions in one easy to understand post :)

  3. hot coupon world still had the soup coupon in their meijer coupon generator.

  4. Molly, I looked for it there last night and didn't see it. Can you tell me where it's listed (under which date/name)? Thanks!

  5. I did the deal 5 times over the week. Even the first transaction the pepperidge bread was slim pickings. I went to use the last of my Qs yesterday and they posted a sign that said the deal included sandwich bread only. There was no bread (I gave some of these deals to my Grandma, cheap soup and bread always wins). So I'm done for the week. After their HB cat I did yesterday, repeatedly, my shopping fix is in.

  6. Wanted to confirm that the milk discount did come off...I purchased 4 of the Pillsbury Simply cookies and got $1 off each of two gallons of milk. What I don't know is: had I purchased only one gallon of milk, would it have taken $2 off for that single gallon? I was curious, but not brave enough to try! We need milk too badly in this household! :-)

    I do have to ask a totally unrelated question: I've seen the "penny trick" mentioned a couple of different places online. Doesn't that seem like cheating the system, since in the ad it typically states, "get $5 off your NEXT order"? It just seems like at the very least, we get such great deals all the time and practically walk out without paying more than pennies on the dollar, that "working" the system is just wrong. It seems it will only lead to the store pulling the plug on the catalina deals and/or them cracking down on U-Scan shoppers and getting them in trouble. Just a thought.

  7. Young Family,
    I think you're right about the penny trick. Couponers always want to stay above the "law" and remain ethical in coupon use, otherwise the deals could disappear for all of us. I completely agree with that logic and will delete the information in the post.

  8. Oops guess they pulled it too. I did print a few yesterday from hotcouponworld AFTER I heard it had been pulled from the meijer site- but guess they too had to eventually pull it. Sorry!

  9. The penny trick is useful if only to make sure the cats you are due are going to print. I use mine next transaction still.


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