Monday, November 30, 2009

FoodSaver: Only $64 with FREE Shipping + more! Amazing!

FoodSaver w/SmartSeal Technology VACUUM SEALER KIT

UPDATE: I've fixed the link - it should work now! Sorry for the trouble!

Today only, you can order the FOODSAVER w/SmartSeal Technology VACUUM SEALER KIT (valued at $182.47) for only $64.04 SHIPPED! This is on sale for $139.99, but the price will change to $64.04 when added to your cart.

NOTE: If it's not appearing at that price, try entering the promo code 99FEAAA. It should show up automatically when you click on the link above, but if not, maybe entering it would help!

This is one of the latest models of the FoodSaver and the package includes TWO 11" rolls for sealing and a 2.5 quart marinator (we've LOVED our marinator, especially during grilling season - it marinates meat thorougly in 15 minutes!). Here are some of the product details:

FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System with SmartSeal™ Technology is a hands-free, vacuum packaging and marinating dynamo in a space-saving, upright design. Protect and preserve moist,
dry and delicate food safely in canisters or bags. The Kit includes more than $44 in upgrades including the Starter Kit of FoodSaver® Rolls, the Marinator, a built-in roll holder, progress lights, cutter and bag opener, liquid detection to prevent spills, a hose reel and a marinate mode that infuses food with flavor in just minutes.

Last year, I was able to snag a similar deal on the
FOODSAVER V3840 - and I'm so glad I did! We use our FoodSaver all the time now - especially when buying large amounts of meat at the best sale prices and packaging it for the freezer! It lasts so much longer when sealed! The new FoodSavers are quite smart (you'll be impressed!), and you might not be able to find a deal like this again. Thanks, It's Hip to Save!

Do YOU own a FoodSaver? How do you like it?


  1. hmmm - trying to order this - but it is showing that it will bill my CC $149.79

    Is there a code that needs to be applied?

  2. Sorry it wasn't working for you, Amy. I've fixed the link and tested it and it should work now without a problem!

  3. Jen, I just tried it, added it to my cart and it worked just fine. $64.04 when added to my cart. I know a few people got it to work - let me know what kind of problems it's giving you so I can figure it out!

  4. I can't get the discounted price shows as $139.99 everytime I add it to my cart. I even submitted my name and address to see if it would change the price but it didn't, so I hope they do not send one and bill me that price for it. :(

  5. When you add it to your cart, is the promo code 99FEAAA showing up there? If not, try adding it. I've added it to my cart multiple times and it still shows up at the sale price with the code 99FEAAA automatically entered. If it's not there, maybe you can just enter it yourself? Try it and let me know!


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