Friday, November 13, 2009

A Full Cup: Coupon Forums and Database

Many of you have asked how I find so many great deals. The secret? I do a good deal of research online! A Full Cup is one of my favorite places to be, filled with great deal discussions and information, so I thought you might like to check it out for yourself!

If you haven't visited A Full Cup, here are just a few of the features you can benefit from:
  • An extensive COUPON DATABASE which includes links to printable coupons along with information about where to find manufacturer coupons in newspaper inserts

  • An active FORUM where shoppers discuss store-specific deals, money-saving ideas and challenges, and more (I like to hang out in the Meijer forum!)

  • Opportunities to TRADE COUPONS with others, including a rating system for your safety and a personal inbox so that you don't need to use your personal email account

  • Ongoing COUPON TRAINS you can "ride" to send and receive coupons weekly from around the country

  • Friendly, helpful AFC USERS who encourage questions without criticism. I am always amazed at the kindness of those on AFC.

You'll be asked to register if you'd like to post information or ask questions on the website. Of course, it's absolutely FREE! So why don't you sign up and introduce yourself today?

I'd LOVE to hear from my blog readers who are already on A Full Cup - what are your favorite things about AFC?


  1. I love seeing everyone's shopping trips. It's amazing how well they all do. I like to hang out in Kroger and Meijer forums.

    It's the friendliest forum I've been to. I love it there.

  2. Everybody at AFC is so friendly. I usually hang out in the Meijer forum too. The deals these people come up with are just amazing. I just don't have the time or patience to find all the great deals on my own, so I'm thankful to the people of AFC and this blog for doing all the work for me! I have saved so much money since I stumbled across AFC a year ago. Who would have known that you could get so much stuff for free?!! I feel so silly for paying full price for so many years.


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