Thursday, November 19, 2009

Get the scoop on Black Friday Deals!

Are you a Black Friday shopper? We like to plan our attack on Thanksgiving evening, then get up early and make the most of the sales (avoiding as many lines as possible!). When we're able, we'll shop from home (many stores offer the same deals online, and free shipping if you spend a certain amount).

Often, we find ourselves shopping not only for Christmas gifts, but for ourselves as needed. One year, my husband was able to pick up some great basketball shoes for $25. We bought 2 pair since it was such a great deal on something we know will be needed in the future!

Last year, the deals seemed slimmer and we skipped the festivities, picking up the best CVS deals on Thanksgiving before church instead. I'm hoping that this year's sales show a little more promise!

You can get the scoop on Black Friday Deals at A Full Cup!

Are YOU a Black Friday shopper? Where will you be heading this year?


  1. I love Black Friday but definitely have a limited income. I'll be using RR and ECBs to get some deals at Walgreens and CVS, I may get a vacuum from Target and we will see if I can get some things on-line. I do want to add to my fitness video game collection for the Wii.

  2. Usually Target for their great deals on DVD's and TV series on DVD. Sometimes Meijer has some good deals too.

  3. I love, love, love Black Friday. I've been putting money away for shopping. I haven't really seen anything fantastic this year that I *have* to have, but I'll still get up and go early.

  4. Not me! I'm a pajama Black Friday shopper... online deals only! :-) I've gone with my mom a few times but hate the crowds, so it's just not for me.


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