Monday, November 16, 2009

Value Center: November 17-29, 2009

$1.00 Jimmy Dean Sausage & Cheese Croissant Breakfast Entree
-$0.75/1 coupon (from 8-30 RP) or $1.00/2 coupon (from 11-1 RP)
$0.25 or $0.50 each after coupon

$1.00 Freshlike Frozen Vegetables, 16 oz
-$0.35/1 coupon (from 10-18 or 11-15 SS)
$0.30 after coupon

$1.00 Nature Valley Granola Bars, maple brown sugar or peanut butter, 6 ct
-$0.40/1 printable coupon (will not double)
$0.60 after coupon

$1.00 Pillsbury Brownie Mix, 19.5 oz
-$0.40/1 coupon (from 11-8 RP), coupon will not double
$0.60 after coupon

$1.00 Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 8 oz
-$1.00/3 coupon (from 11-15 RP)
$0.66 each when you buy 3 with coupon

$1.00 Country Fresh Orange Juice, 64 oz

$2.00 Karo Syrup, 16 oz
-$0.40/1 coupon (from 10-4 or 11-8 SS)
$1.20 after coupon

$2.50 Alexia Crunchy Snacks
-$1.00/1 coupon (from 10-4 SS)
$1.50 after coupon

B1G1 Hostess Donettes or Entenmann's Softee Donuts

$0.49/lb Butterball or Jennie-O Turkeys, 16 lbs and up, frozen (limit 1 with additional $25 purchase)
$0.99/lb Sliced Pork Steak or Split Chicken Breast
$1.99/lb Boneless Beef English Cut Roast

$3.99/lb Sara Lee Honey or Smoked Turkey Breast

$1.69 Michigan Potatoes,
10 lb bag

I've only listed the best matchups for the ad above. View all of this week's specials in the Value Center circular.

Value Center Marketplace is located in Clinton Township on the corner of Metro Parkway (16 Mile) and Harper. You'll find 2 more locations in Madison Heights and Livonia.

You'll also find 2 more Value Fresh Marketplace locations in Warren (SE corner of Hoover and 10 Mile AND on Ryan Road, south of 9 Mile) that double coupons up to $1.00! They will not accept any printable coupons. They have a separate store ad, which you can view here.


  • Limit 1 coupon per 1 item.
  • Manufacturer coupons are doubled up to and including 50 cents. Coupons over 50 cents are taken at face value.
  • Manufacturer coupons may not be used in conjunction with in-ad coupons.
  • Coupons may only be used for the product and size stated. Sorry, no substitutions.
  • When doubled, the coupon amount may not equal or exceed the price of the item. (MY NOTE: The register will double the coupon automatically, but when the cashier notices that the item will be free, they will manually override the coupon. Your mileage may vary, depending on cashier).
  • Free, Red Box and In Store coupons are taken at face value only. Coupons that specifically state "NOT TO BE DOUBLED" are taken at face value only.
  • Internet printable coupons are accepted up to and including $1.00. They are never doubled. FREE item coupons are excluded.

Value Center also offers a customer rewards card - details are available in the store.
For store hours or additional coupon information, visit the Value Center Website.


  1. $1.00 Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 8 oz
    -$1.00/3 coupon (from 11-15 RP)
    $0.66 each when you buy 2 with coupon

    I think you typed "buy 2" but you meant "buy 3"

    This seems like a good deal? Trying to decide whether to stock pile or not yet...

  2. You were right, Amy - it was a typo (I was just trying to spit out too many matchups at once!)

    If you would use a lot of cream cheese, especially with the holidays coming, anything under $0.75 would be a good price, especially for the name brand. Just be sure to watch the expiration dates when you purchase. Which reminds me - now would be a great time to post the recipe for Oreo Truffles! :)

  3. The Pillsbury Brownie mix coupon does not double.


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