Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 Newspaper Coupon Insert Schedule

Visit Sunday Coupon Preview and click the link on the top navigation bar for the "2010 Insert Schedule." It's always helpful to know which coupons to expect each week throughout the year. Procter & Gamble usually releases their insert on the first Sunday of every month, but since they've been mixing it up a bit lately (they threw in an insert last weekend to surprise us, for example!), no one is completely sure what to expect from them in 2010. Either way, you'll want to take a peek - and maybe even keep the information on file for reference!

Here's what's in the lineup for January:
  • January 3: 2 SmartSource - 2 RedPlum - 1 General Mills (the biggest coupon weekend of the year - a GREAT time to stock your coupon stash!)
  • January 10: 1 SmartSource - 1 RedPlum
  • January 17: 1 SmartSource - 1 RedPlum - 1 Procter & Gamble
  • January 24: 1 SmartSource - 1 RedPlum
  • January 31: 1 SmartSource - 1 RedPlum


  1. Just wondering... What papers do you buy and how many? Thanks.

  2. Papers in big cities generally have better coupons. I buy the Detroit News/Free Press for that reason. A good general rule of thumb is one paper for each person in your family. We usually buy 3-5 papers each week (for our family of 4) - more if we feel the coupons are especially good, less if we don't see as much that we can use. Next weekend is a GOOD coupon weekend with FIVE inserts, so we'll probably buy between 5-10.

  3. Thanks! I also just read your post about buying papers. It was very very helpful. Thanks again.

  4. See, Saralou? You ask a good question, you inspire a whole post! :)


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