Thursday, December 10, 2009

Guest Post: Making Gift Baskets for the Holidays

Kathy created this Spa Gift Basket for only $8.64!

Making Gift Baskets for the Holidays
Guest post from Kathleen, author of the blog Makin' It in Michigan

I was so excited when Jolyn asked me to write a guest post about making baskets for the holidays. I'm definitely not an expert, but I do think these baskets make great gifts! In addition to being really thoughtful and personalized, it's highly affordable when you can combine Dollar Store shopping with your savvy couponing skills!

Here are some things I've learned along the way - some good tips to keep in mind when you're planning a gift basket design:
  • Choose a container that can be used again later.
    Consider using shower caddies for spa gifts, popcorn containers for movie lover's baskets, strainers for pasta lover's baskets, laundry baskets for housewarming baskets, etc. Don't forget to look at your local thrift stores for good prices on baskets and more!

Movie Lover's Basket ($11.11)

  • Include products your recipient will enjoy.
    Putting "filler" gifts in a gift basket is pointless if these items won't be used later. Remember that sometimes less is more.

    Pasta Lover's Basket
    Add some dollar store pasta utensils and a checkered kitchen towel
    and you've got a beautiful gift!

  • Try to pick colors and products that coordinate well.
    l like to use two or three colors whenever possible. This makes the basket look more planned and not something you threw together at the last minute.

  • Fill the bottom of the container with newspaper.
    This will give your products more height and allow items to be more easily seen. Cover the newspaper with something attractive. You can use crinkle paper, tissue paper or even a washcloth or bandanna for a BBQ lover's
    basket. Remember to tuck it around the edges if the basket is transparent!

  • Arrange items with the tallest in the back, smallest in the front.
  • Coffee Lover's Basket ($7.28)

  • Last but not least, enjoy the process!


I'm so thankful that Kathy was willing to share her knowledge with us! In the Macomb area, you can find great deals on baskets and other items at Flower Factory, Christmas Tree Shops, and Big Lots along with thrift stores. Keep your eyes open at garage sales in the summer for potential baskets/containers - you can find them for pennies!

You'll want to check out her blog, Makin It in Michigan, for some great Homemade Gift Ideas Under $5 as well. I LOVE the simple yet beautiful chalkboards she created from new cabinet doors!

Have you made gift baskets? Do you have any additional tips to share?

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