Monday, December 21, 2009

Have You Noticed Any Scrambled Posts?

Blogger has made some "updates" in the toolbar and programming that allows me to write and edit posts. Apparently there are still glitches, however, because every time I post now, I notice that it shows up jumbled - many extra line spaces, centered portions of text in the middle of uncentered text and worst of all - it will scramble the order of information in my post. Sometimes it will put part of the meat matchups in the middle of the grocery and I'm left trying to hunt down and reorganize all of my information. To make matters fun, everything shows up looking perfect on my editing screen - until I post it and it becomes a MESS.

PLEASE be patient. Our family is trying to celebrate Christmas without me being tied to the computer at all hours, and this strange publishing issue seems to be taking even more time - doubling the time it takes me to write each post, since I'm struggling to clean it up at the end. If you happen to notice anything severely out of order, try to ignore it. For now, I haven't lost my mind (yet!) - but Blogger would like to mix things up a bit!

In other news, many of you have been asking about It's Hip to Save, a blog that I link to often. Blogger has incorrectly identified her blog as spam and has taken it down. It will be up soon and better than ever - but until then, you can read Collin's updates here.


  1. I've been struggling with the same problems... you're not going crazy! I nearly launched my laptop through a window (just kidding) but I am thankful for my computer programmer husband!

  2. Hey there Jolyn, take a time out...sit back and enjoy the holiday, if the blog misses a week so it misses a week...its a service you provide out of the greatness of your heart..if the blog has to wait so be it, enjoy your family! You give us so much of your time as it is. Enjoyyyy the holiday and big hugs to ya! (and put a "OUT TO LUNCH BE BACK LATER"on the blog when you need to!

  3. Thanks so much for the update on It's Hip to Save. I've been lost without it and wondering what happened to it!


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