Saturday, December 12, 2009

Today ONLY: Redeem 40 SwagBucks for $5 Amazon e-Gift Card

Did you know? SwagBucks has been discounting the price of different gift card each day! A different card will be featured each day until 2010!

Today's reduced gift card is the $5 Amazon e-Gift card, which can be used to purchase anything from (you can load these to your Amazon account so they're ready when you want to shop). Normally, you'd have to redeem 45 SwagBucks to earn $5 in Amazon funds, but TODAY it's only 40 SwagBucks. Amazon $5 e-Gift cards are one of my favorite ways to redeem my SwagBucks! You can redeem a maximum of two of these today (and up to 2 tomorrow through 11:00 am PST).

If you've been saving up your SwagBucks, this is a great time to redeem them! If you're not earning SwagBucks from your every day internet searches, why not?!

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