Sunday, December 6, 2009

Worth Reading: CVS 101 - An In-Depth Guide for Shopping at CVS

This is one AMAZING guide. If you've ever shopped CVS, ever wondered about how to shop at CVS, ever wanted to shop at CVS - and save money while doing it - then read this post from Saving Your Cents first!

When Lissa says this is an in-depth guide, she's not kidding! She has not left out a single detail. It's well-written and full of helpful information!

Saving Your Cents Presents CVS 101: An In-Depth Guide For Shopping At CVS

Give it a read, then let us know what new information you've learned!

P.S. If you're interested in printing this 14-page document for reference, she's made it available for easy printing without pictures! See the end of her article for the Google Document link.


  1. I read through it earlier today, but am confused on one point she brings up. In step 6 she mentions fillers. Since when does CVS require you to purchase the same number of items as coupons? I've never had to find a filler item before, like you do at Walgreens - if I have 3 items and use 3 manu. coupons and 3 store coupons, it's always perfectly fine.

    What is she referring to?

  2. I am so glad that you linked up! Some may find it overwhelming but you are right...I didn't want to leave a single detail out! I hope that many can find it useful! Now onto Walgreens 101 (I need help with this one though...just learning the ropes! lol

    Thanks again! Lissa

  3. Great article but wow $50 ECBs to roll each week! I got work to do! LOL however I just stared on the pharmacies about 2 months ago so I will be working my way there!

  4. The Young Family - I was wondering that too! I never need fillers at CVS that's why I started with CVS first and I am still working with Walgreens!

  5. Personally, we've never had an issue with needing filler at CVS, which is also why we shop there more often than at Walgreens. I'll email Lissa and ask her about that!


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