Friday, December 4, 2009

Worth Reading: Restaurant Bonus Gift Card Offers

It's that time of year! Since everyone is thinking about gifts, many restaurants have introduced gift card offers - buy a card (or more), get a bonus!

Corrie at Centsable Momma has compiled a great list of
Restaurant Bonus Gift Card Offers. You'll want to check them out if you plan on purchasing gift cards as gifts (or if you know you'll be spending money at these establishments over the course of the next year)! Gift cards are also a creative way to keep your entertainment budget in check.

For example, I'm a Panera Bread groupie (there are few things better than a fresh Cinnamon Crunch bagel!). Since we know we'll be spending money there anyway, we like to purchase 2 $25 gift cards (in separate transactions) at this time of year. They come with a bonus You-pick-two meal certificate, which we'll use for a free lunch date!

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  1. A few days ago we were at Big Boys and they had a thing on the table that if you bought $50 worth of gift certificates, that you would get a free $50 gift certificate.

    This was at the Plymouth location on Ann Arbor Rd

    From the thing on the table, it looked like they were the paper certificates that came stapled in a booklet. It wasn't a plastic card.


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