Friday, January 1, 2010

Collecting Coupons: Manufacturer Coupons by Mail

As you're cleaning out the remainder of those coupons that expire at the end of the year, it's a great time to think about building up your coupon stash! In the coming days, I hope to share a series of posts with you on some of the best ways to create an abundance of coupons. It's always easier to save and stock up when you have a variety of savings to choose from! Today's focus is on collecting coupons directly from the manufacturer of your favorite products!

Start by thinking about your favorite items - the products you use every day. Rummage through your pantry or refrigerator if necessary! Every product has a website or phone number listed somewhere on the packaging. Call or email, letting them know how much you like the product and request coupons. They'll usually send great coupons that can't be found anywhere else! This is a great trick if you like specialty items that aren't usually featured on coupons.

All the same, don't hesitate to contact the company if you find the quality of an item to be less than what you expected; they like to keep customers happy and will often send a coupon for a free item to replace what you purchased. For example, I recently opened a package of long grain and wild rice that had puffed beyond recognition (though it was well within the expiration date). Since I was in the middle of making dinner, I called the contact line and asked if this was normal. They assured me it was not, and sent a coupon or two for a free product to replace what I'd lost.

You can find a great listing of email contacts here, thanks to
A Full Cup:

Manufacturer's Internet Contact Information

Some people like to work through the list alphabetically and contact every company they're interested in - if you have the time, it can be worth the effort. Or simply pick and choose from the companies that catch your interest. As a habit, Couponing to Disney contacts 5 companies daily as part of her 5 A Day Mail Campaign (she also has some great tips for getting results!). Aim to write a quick note to a few companies each day and you'll soon have a mailbox filled with savings as well!


  1. That is funny you're mentioning this. I was was just doing that this week. I have coupons coming in the mail from all kinds of places. Happy New year!! I look forward to saving lots of money this year, with your help. Keep up the great work. :)

  2. This is my favorite! This is the only way usually to keep a lot of coupons on hand for organice and specialty products other than Kashi. Bom Dia, Bolthouse, Eden foods, Garden of Eatin and more have all sent me coupons I can't find any where else. And as you said for the rest you can usually expect one high value coupon that will get you things for free or one free coupon. This can help create overage at some stores.

  3. I have had to contact Huggies several times since their overnight diapers feel like there is hard cardboard in half of them! They send a coupon for a free package of diapers and 2 $1 coupons for any Huggies product. It's worth the minute it takes to email them!

  4. I had contacted Boat House Farms (I think it was them) because my salad dressing was sour when I opened it, and it was within the date.

    They were very nice and sent me a handful of coupons for free salad dressing, along with a bunch of coupons for $1/1

    *It was a salad dressing that you find in the fresh vegetable section, but it wasn't Marzetti. The other brand you find over there is escaping my memory.


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