Saturday, January 16, 2010

Drugstore Deals: January 17-23, 2010

Coupon Crazy Chrys has provided some nice matchups specifically tailored to the Metro Detroit area. She's got them ready EARLY for you so you can plan your shopping trip for next week! Here are some of the best deals she's found...

SoyJoy Bars, 6 pack $6.00
Get $6.00 in ECBs
Final Cost = FREE

Oust Surface & Air Disinfectant $3.99
Use B1G1 FREE coupon (from 1/3 SS #1)
Pay $3.99 for 2, Get $6 in ECBs
Final Cost = $2 Moneymaker (Limit 6)

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Bayer Aspirin $1.99
Use $2/1 HERE (Rite Aid Ad Perks Video)
Final Cost = FREE

Bayer Breeze 2 Monitor $14.99
Use $30/1 from 10/25 RP
Final Cost = FREE

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese B1G1 FREE
Use B3G1 FREE from 12/13 SS
Final Cost = Buy 1, Get 3 FREE

Wet Ones Moist Towelettes $1.99
Use $1.50/1 HERE
Final Cost = 49¢

DayQuil or NyQuil $3.99
Use $2/1 from 1/17 P&G
Pay $1.99, Get $1 Single Check Rebate
Final Cost = 99¢

Honey Nut Cheerios 2/$5
Use 2 -- $1/1 HERE
Stack with $1/2 HERE (Rite Aid Ad Perks Video)
Final Cost = $2 for 2

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These matchups have been updated to reflect ad prices in Metro Detroit.

Wet Ones Wipes 2/$4
Use 2 -- $1.50/1 HERE
Pay $1, Get $1 RRs
Final Cost = 2 for FREE
(not valid for Metro Detroit)

NyQuil or DayQuil $5
Buy $15, Get $5 RRs
Buy $20, Get $10 RRs
Buy 4 = $20
Use 4 -- $2/1 from 1/17 P&G
Pay $12, Get $10 RRs
Final Cost = $2 for 4 = 50¢ each

Nivea Hydrating Shower Gel $4.99
$2/1 from 1/3 RP
Pay $2.99, Get $2 RRs
Final Cost = 99¢

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  1. I am learning still and have a question? What does
    the Walgreens Wet Wipes mean? "Pay $1, Get $1 RRs"

    Thank you for enlightning me.

  2. Usually I spell it out a little better - sorry! RRs are Walgreens Register Rewards. These are coupons that will print at the Register after your purchase. They're basically free money that you spend at Walgreens, so on the Wet Wipes, you'll earn $1 to spend at Walgreens. The tricky part is that you can't spend it on another container of wipes or the next RR won't print.

  3. "NyQuil or DayQuil $5
    Buy $15, Get $5 RRs
    Buy $20, Get $20 RRs"

    This is NOT the case at my Wags. It is Buy $20, get $10 RRs. Not $20 RRs. I live near Detroit.

  4. I was in Walgreen's this evening and noticed that had MANY personal care items on clearance. Be sure to bring your coupon stash to take advantage of the savings. I picked up L'Oreal Ever Pure Shampoo on clearance for $2.29 - $2.00 c/o (previous SS), Neutrogena Facial Bar for $2.19 - $2.00 (from previous SS) and many other good deals!

  5. I am confused about the Kraft Mac-n-Cheese deal at Rite Aid and want to have it right in my head before I try. How can you use a buy 3, get 1 free on a BOGO?? The numbers do not make sense to me. TIA!

  6. It is possible this scenario could confuse your cashier, too. Let's say that Mac & Cheese costs 1.00 at Rite Aid. (not sure if this is how the register works or not, but for the sake of explanation...)

    $1.00 1st box
    $0.00 2nd box
    $1.00 3rd box
    $0.00 4th box
    Coupon will deduct the cost of 1 box when you buy 3 (-$1.00)
    $1.00 for 4 boxes

    Let me know how it goes!

  7. I think I am getting confused by the "buy" part, since I would not really be paying for 2 of them in the first place. Some coupons still make me a little timid... like the BOGO M&M's coupon that says not to be used with any other offer, but it is on the CVS deals (isn't a sale another offer??). I know it's just a beep and I may have to put things back, but it's embarrassing.

    Thanks for the help! ( :

  8. That's interesting on the B1G1 M&M's coupon - you should always be able to use it on a sale!


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