Saturday, January 23, 2010

McDonald's: Valentine Friend Pack Coupons

McDonald's currently has a "Valentine Friend Pack" booklet of 12 coupons available at select locations! My husband found these tonight at the Clinton Township location (near Hayes and 19 Mile Rd) for only $1.00 (they may be priced at $2.00 in other areas). The booklet includes the following coupons: 
  • (3) FREE Bag of Apple Dippers
  • (3) FREE Small Apple Juice or Milk Jug
  • (3) FREE Small Cone
  • (2) FREE Hamburger
  • (1) FREE Small McCafe Coffee (for Mom and Dad)
Coupons are valid 2/14/10-5/31/2010. Redeemable by children ages 12 and under only (yes, even the coffee coupon states that on the back!). Limit one coupon, per customer, per visit.

These coupons are a great idea for classroom valentines, sending in valentine's cards to young friends and relatives - and for treats for your own children in the coming months! The coffee alone costs around $2.29! Let us know if you spot these coupons in another location. You might also want to contact locations near you to see if they have any Valentine treat coupon booklets before making a special trip.


  1. Anyone else found them at different locations? I was told no at my local McD's, just south of Ann Arbor.

  2. Would anyone be willing to pick up several of these books for me and send them to me? I can pay you via paypal or snail mail. Please let me know!

  3. It's $4 in Hawaii.
    ($2 donation to McDonald's House)


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