Friday, January 29, 2010

Meijer: Sneak Peek (Jan 31-Feb 6) FREE Kraft Cheese + Philly Cream Cheese!

UPDATE! Ready for the full scoop? Click here to visit ALL of this week's matchups!

Here are just a few of the best deals coming next week. If you can shop Meijer on Sunday, you'll want to print the Kraft cheese coupons QUICKLY, before they disappear! I'll be back on Saturday with the full Meijer matchup list (the ad shows a lot of potential with great Super Bowl items)! 
3 for $5.00 Kraft Shredded Cheese, Cubes, Crumbles, Sticks or Chunks, 6-8 oz all varieties
*BUY 3, get $1.00 off instantly ($0.33 off each)*
-$1.00/2 coupon (from 1-24 SS or printable), use 3
$0.83 each (6 for $5.00) when you buy 6 with coupons
BONUS (valid through Sunday, January 31 ONLY!) Catalina Offer: Buy 5 participating Kraft Cheese and Dairy Products in one transaction and get a $5.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order. No cash back. Participating Items (must be 6 oz or larger) include: Kraft Singles, Kraft Parmesan Cheese, Kraft Natural Cheese (chunks, shredded, 5 oz crumbles, sticks or cubes), Kraft String-ums or Cracker Cuts Cheese, Kraft Deli Deluxe Cheese Slices, Cracker Barrel Cheese, Philadelphia Ready-to-eat Cheesecake Filling or Cream Cheese, Velveeta, Cheez Whiz, Breakstone's Sour Cream or Cottage Cheese, Knudsen Sour Cream or Cottage Cheese. (1/1-1/31)
Final price: FREE when you buy 6 (after coupons and Catalina savings)!

NOTE: Shredded cheese freezes beautifully!

$1.25 Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 8 oz brick
-$1.00/4 Philadelphia Cream Cheese printable coupon (print up to 2 per computer), use 1
$0.85 each when you buy 5 with coupons
Bonus: Buy 5 Kraft dairy products in one transaction, get a $5.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order (See above; valid through Jan 31 only! HURRY)! Note that if you'd like to purchase this and the Kraft cheese deal above, you'll need to split it into 2 separate transactions to receive both Catalina coupons.
Final price: FREE when you buy 5 with coupons and Catalina savings! ($0.75 moneymaker!)

$0.50 McCormick Dry Seasoning Mix
, packet
-$0.25/2 coupon (from 1-24 RP), use 2
FREE when you buy 4 with coupons*

$0.99 Chi-Chi's Salsa, 16 oz
-$1.00/2 coupon (from 12-6 SS)
$0.49 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$1.29 Pop-Secret Microwave Popcorn, 3 ct
-$1.00/2 coupon (from 1-3 RP#2), use 2
$0.54 each when you buy 2 with coupons

$1.88 Nabisco Wheat Thins or Triscuits, 5.5-10 oz
-$1.00/1 coupon (from 1-24 SS), use 3 or $2.00/2 printable coupon
$0.55 each when you buy 3 with coupons

$0.99 Kleenex Facial Tissue, 78-200 ct (limit 5)
-$0.50/3 coupon (from 1-3 SS#2)
$0.66 each when you buy 3 with coupon

$0.99 Lipton Recipe Secret Soup Mix, 1.7-4.9 oz
-$0.60/2 coupon (from 11-15 RP)
$0.69 each when you buy 2 with coupon

B1G2 Aunt Millie's Healthy Goodness Bread or Deluxe Hot Dog/Burger Buns (reg $2.99)
-$0.55/1 Healthy Goodness coupon (from 1-10 RP), only 1 coupon will usually be accepted
$0.81 each when you buy 3 with coupon

$0.99/lb Red or Green Seedless Grapes

$0.99/lb Pork Shoulder Bone-In Western Style Ribs, family pack
$1.79/lb Meijer Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, family pack

$1.89 Lay's Potato Chips, 10.5-11 oz

In-ad coupon: $10 off your next total purchase with a new/transferred prescription (exp 2/27/10)


  1. I was thinking of spending my Kraft cheese coupons tomorrow- I'll be saving them for Sunday instead! You rock!!!! Thanks!

  2. Thanks SO much for the preview! Do you happen to know if Lysol products are also on sale? I am hoping they're half price since these awesome coupons expire 2/1. :)
    -Cecille a.k.a. Timswife (AFC)

  3. Sorry, not this week, Cecille! We'll have to wait a little longer (and hope for new coupons)...

  4. I was going to use my Kraft coupons at Kroger's Mega Sale. I thought that the catalina had an end date of 1/24/10?? I bought cheese at Kroger on 1/25 hoping to get the catalina. Is it only at Meijer? Is the end date of 1/31 advertised anywhere?? This would be great!!!

  5. A Kraft Catalina advertisement printed for me last month, clearly advertising the dates as 1/1-1/31. It will still work at Meijer through Jan 31 (though I cannot vouch for Kroger, unfortunately).

  6. Thank you so much...i visited your blog from MSM's blog link...i was going to use my qs at Kroger this week..Thank you so much for this preview. Free cheese..can't beat that!

  7. Do you know if the $1 instant off the Kraft products will go twice if you purchase 6 products?

  8. The ad states "Buy Three, Get $1 off instantly"
    and no limits are listed. This is not a guarantee, but an assumption on my part based on the way Meijer runs instant savings offers. For example, the Buy 3, get $3 off instantly deal this week on Kool-Aid Jammers will deduct with every group of 3 - whether you purchase 3, 6 or 9.

  9. Just curious if there is a general consensus on how many transactions are appropriate at one time. I'm uncomfortable doing more than 3-4 at a time because I think it's rude to hold up the people behind me in line. (REALLY wish we could buy all the cheese at once and get multiple $5 catalinas!) What do others do when you have a significant number of transactions?

  10. Personally, I never attempt more than 2 at a time for the same reason (and that only at the U-scan). I do my best to be considerate of other shoppers. If I need to do more than that, I usually make separate trips (or drag my wonderful husband along and he'll complete a transaction as well).

    This Kraft Catalina rolls on the Breakstone's Cottage Doubles, so it should also roll on Kraft cheese (though it has not been confirmed).

  11. I'm hoping it rolls, too. I'm gonna try it. Thank you so much for the preview! YOU ARE FANTASTIC.

    Also, correct me if I'm wrong..but there's a .50 pop secret coupon coming out on sunday. So, use four of those and the mealbox q...= some really cheap popcorn.

  12. I was wondering if the Mealbox coupon for Pop Secret would be valid for this deal too? That one would make the deal a little sweeter if it did.

    Thanks for the great deals. You are awesome!

  13. That was my question - does this catalina roll? I'll try it on Sunday. I, too, was going to buy Kraft cheese tomorrow at Kroger for the Mega event but will now be waiting to go to Meijer for FREE cheese on Sunday. THANK YOU!!!!

  14. Very bad results today... Got 5 duos today - NO CAT printed. The green light was on the cat machine and the checker said it had been printing. It would be very sad for the cheese/cream cheese deal we are planning for Sunday. Did anyone have one print today (Saturday)?

  15. The tag hanging in my Meijer states buy five *6oz* or larger kraft cheese products, get a $5 catalina...the cottage cheese singles are *5.5oz*. Maybe they caught on and fixed the "error." The tag also states that the deal is valid until 1/31 - I even took one with me so when I go shopping tomorrow I have "proof" if there is a problem.

  16. Earlier in the catalina promo period (2 weeks ago i think) the catalinas did roll for me when I bought cottage cheese, sour cream and kraft cheese, but after seeing jcsrfun's comment, I am wondering if they ended the promo early?

  17. I bought 3 doubles and two sour cream and no cat came out. So I thought it was because I used my 5$ cat to pay so i tried it again using the penny trick and no cat came out so I cancelled my order. Since there were no signs up, I had no proof to tell the cashier. The third time, I tried 3 cream cheese and two sour cream and did the penny trick and then finally the cat came out. So it is still working just not on the doubles.

  18. I am just wondering, what is the penny trick? Is that if you put in just one penny to pay and then if the cat. is going to come out, it will after putting in 1 penny?

  19. i got FREE shredded cheese and Cream cheese at meijer today morning…the cat printed! and it rolled..Yay! Thank you..:)

  20. Thanks SO much for the heads up on the deal! I was able to score free cheese and cream cheese! I have a feeling my family will be enjoying some amazing cheesecake this week! Thanks for the time you put into this blog!


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