Friday, January 15, 2010

Old Navy: An Additional 50% Off Clearance Prices

Kristie from This Side of Eternity has the scoop on the Old Navy Clearance Sale that's rumored to be starting today. Save an additional 50% off clearance prices - plus you can save even more with the printable coupons she has listed! Let us know if you find any good deals!


  1. WARNING - For anyone who shops at the NOVI store - it is closed. I went there last night to find out it closed up on Christmas Eve. They will reopen, across the street, in June.

    My mom went to Macomb Mall and supposedly found some good deals.

  2. I went last night and found a winter coat for my son next year. They told me about the extra 50% off that started today. I was able to sweet talk them into giving me the discount (I live 40 mins. away from the store). I got a winter coat and hat for only $7.50! The coat alone was originally $49.50. Great deal!

  3. I believe your mom went to 23 & Gratiot Denise :)

    (she's my sister)

  4. Was at the Macomb Mall location tonight and cleaned house! Cargos for my son for $2, polos for $1.50, a sweater for me for $7, jeans for the hubby for $9. Had a great selection, although I imagine it will go fast.

  5. Great deals at the Macomb Mall location and at 23 and Gratiot. The 23 mile location had a TON of girls clothes. I don't need those so I didn't notice sizes, but there was lots to choose from.
    I bought all toddler & infant sizes
    cargos - $2
    Cordoroys - $2.50
    Polos - $1.50
    Sweaters - $2.50
    T-shirts - $1.75
    infant one piece sweater outfits - $2.50

    There were some summer clothes, toys, books and shoes as well.

  6. I went to Hall and Schoenherr. Not a great selection of boys stuff, but I found quite a bit of 4T stuff for my daughter. Pants and dresses for less than $3 a piece, some long sleeve holiday shirts for $.88 and other shirts for $2! I love this sale!! I was also able to get some boys winter hats for $.45 and winter coats for $4.50 that will work great for a friend looking for donations for her 1st grade students in Detroit. At these prices, I can donate brand new stuff! I used a 10% off total purchase coupon.


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