Friday, January 1, 2010

Printable Coupons: New for January! has officially reset their coupons for another month - you'll find 17 pages of coupons to choose from (150 right now)! Many of the coupons have returned from last month and a few are new.

Remember that the best coupons could disappear within days; if you see coupons that you like, it's bet to print early. Please click here to select and print (or use my box in the right sidebar). Here are some notable savings that you may not want to miss:
  • $1.00/1 Bagel Bites
  • $1.00/1 Yoplait Frozen Smoothie
  • $1.00/2 Ice Mountain or Nestle Pure Life Water
    ($2.88 after coupons next week at Meijer)
  • $1.00/2 Special K Bars
    ($1.59 after coupons next week at Meijer when you buy 5)
  • $0.50/6 Yoplait Yogurt
    ($0.23 each after coupons next week at Meijer)
  • $0.50/1 Green Giant Valley Steamers frozen vegetables
  • $1.00/3 Birds Eye Freshlike frozen vegetables
Hungry for more printable coupons? You may also want to visit these websites for new November coupons:
  • Redplum Coupons
    $1.00/1 Healthy Choice Mixers
    $1.00/1 Marie Callender's Home-Style Creations
    $1.00/1 Smucker's Orchard's Finest Preserves
    $1.50/2 Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats, All-Bran or Raisin Bran
    $1.00/2 Quaker Granola Bars...and more!
  • Betty Crocker Coupons
    You'll want to print 2 copies of the $1.00/1 Cheerios coupon per computer- you can use it next week at Meijer to get boxes for $0.50 each!
    $1.00/2 Rold Gold Pretzels
    $0.40/1 Idahoan Potatoes
    $1.00/1 Wholly Guacamole or Salsa
    $0.75/1 Butterball Ground Turkey

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