Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Randazzo: January 27 - February 2, 2010

$0.59/lb Tomatoes
$0.79/lb Red Roasting Peppers
$0.89 Aunt Mid's Baby Carrots, 1 lb bag
$1.28 Earthbound Farm Organic Carrots, 2 lb bag

$1.77/lb Bone-In Pork Butt Roast
Recipe: Pork Butt Roast with Vegetables
$3.33/lb Baby Back Ribs, 3 slab pack

$2.99/lb Colby Mini Horn Cheese

$0.50 Dannon Yogurt, 6 oz
$1.50 Breakstone Sour Cream, 16 oz

$4.99 Randazzo Fresh Homemade Brick Oven Pizza with Cheese & 2 Toppings
(plus tax, Macomb location only)

View the entire Randazzo Fresh Market ad this week.

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