Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Randazzo: January 6-12, 2010

$0.59 California Head Lettuce, each
California Broccoli, each
$0.89 Aunt Mid's Classic Spinach, 10 oz bag
$2.50 Organic Apples, 3 lb bag

$2.89/lb Angus Beef Chuck Roast
$2.99/lb All White Meat Ground Turkey
$2.99/lb Ground Beef from Round, 3 lbs or more

$2.99/lb Lipari Monterey Jack Cheese
$2.99/lb Hard Salami

$0.99 Extra Large Eggs, dozen (limit 2, please)

$0.99 Delallo Red Pepper Dipping Oil, 8.5 oz
$1.99/lb 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

$4.99 Randazzo Fresh Homemade Brick Oven Pizza with Cheese & 2 Toppings
(plus tax, Macomb location only)

View the entire Randazzo Fresh Market ad this week.

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