Thursday, January 28, 2010

Target: Up & Up Diaper Deal - Buy More, Save More Online

I just tried this deal scenario and can confirm that it works after learning about it on Slickdeals. If you're in the market for diapers, you might want to know about it!

Target is currently offering a "Buy More, Save More" promotion on baby items purchased online (including diapers, wipes and formula). When you buy 4 or more, you'll save 15% and shipping is FREE.

You can currently purchase Target Up & Up Brand Diapers at a good discount (this breakdown is courtesy of Slickdeals):
  • 4x 56-pack of Size 1 $20 (9 cents per diaper)
  • 4x 48-pack of Size 2 $20 (10 cents per diaper)
  • 4x 96-pack of Size 3 $42 (11 cents per diaper)
  • 4x 40-pack of Size 3 $20 (12 cents per diaper)
  • 4x 82-pack of Size 4 $42 (13 cents per diaper)
  • 4x 60-pack of Size 4 $33 (14 cents per diaper)
  • 4x 34-pack of Size 4 $20 (15 cents per diaper)
  • 4x 70-pack of Size 5 $42 (15 cents per diaper)
  • 4x 54-pack of Size 5 $33 (15 cents per diaper)
Where to start?
  1. If you're an AAA member, start at the AAA website where you can find a 10% retail discount for Target. Enter the Target site through AAA and the discount will apply automatically.
    If you're not an AAA member, you can save 10% with the coupon code
  2. Add 4 (or more) packages of Up & Up brand diapers to your cart (other diapers/baby items are also eligible, but you won't save quite as much).
  3. At checkout, you should see your discounts (enter the coupon code there, if necessary), including shipping. Tax will be added. They'll be shipped to your door! :)

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  1. I can't wait to try this deal-thanks!


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