Friday, February 19, 2010

Guest Post: Kathy’s Story

Photo: Kathy’s new laundry room cabinets, made possible by reducing her grocery bill by $100+ per week – and made necessary by all the stockpiling done over the last year!

As Jolyn celebrates the one year anniversary of her blog "Macomb Money Savers," I wanted to share with all of you, my "story". If you're like me, and I'm assuming many of you are, you've struggled in a very challenging Michigan economy and came out fighting!

The reason I can assume this is because you've found Macomb Money Savers. That means you're a fighter and you've done as much research as possible on ways to save your family money and stay afloat in these trying times. For that you (and I) should be applauded! However, my biggest thanks goes out to Jolyn for taking her valuable time to research and detail all the deals she finds on a daily basis.

About one year ago, when our finances were spiraling out of control, I started doing that very same research. I found  many national money-saving sites, and they were very useful. However, they didn't  really help me with the day-to-day savings (in our local stores) that I was in need of. Then one day I stumbled on to Macomb Money Savers and that all changed.

Over the last year, I've managed to take back control of our food budget and this has spilled over into other parts of our life as well. I've stockpiled so many good deals and we've managed to eliminated the need to use credit cards at the grocery store. I know that sounds ridiculous but, that is exactly what we were doing!

I've now moved on from being needy to wanting to help people in need and although I've never met Jolyn in person, I know we share this common goal. If you've been couponing for a while, you know that you can only use so many "free" tubes of toothpaste right? However, sometimes I feel that one tube of toothpaste isn't really going to make a difference, don't you? Well, after countless emails with Jolyn, it occurred to us that we have an entire "coupon army" that we could call on to help and perhaps direct these donations to a cause of the month.

This topic is now on my heart and although it's still in the early stages, I think it could become a huge success. Please feel free to share any ideas you may have that might help us move forward and get this of the ground.

Like all of you, I'm looking forward to another year of savings and other budget-friendly ideas from  Macomb Money Savers and I'm grateful for all that last year offered!


My note: Kathy blogs at Makin’ It in Michigan – and you’ll want to visit her there! Her posts are picture-filled and her blog is full of great ideas (including many unique deals you won’t find elsewhere)! You may also remember this post from Kathy on creating frugal gift baskets!


  1. Love the idea of a Cause of the Month! What a great story Kathy!

  2. Love the story, love how you started out. I've lived in other places and I love the people and heart here of MI and I love all the people that are like you and I and stuck it out and fought and didn't abandon our great state! Off to check out your website . . .


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