Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Macomb Money Savers: How It All Began

One year ago, I posted for the first time on Macomb Money Savers. The website has come a long way since then, to say the least! This week, I’d like to celebrate with you, my readers, for making all of this possible. I’m hoping to feature one giveaway each day for the next week – along with stories from other loyal readers!

Every blog has a story. Did you ever wonder how this website began? Just in case you wanted to know how it all fell together, here’s the story:

My name is Jolyn and I was taught from a young age to spend my money wisely. I have used coupons all of my adult life, and more earnestly since becoming a stay-at-home mom, but only when I stumbled upon the forums at A Full Cup did I start to realize that there were deals still to be found. I began purchasing extra papers and asking for coupon inserts from family and friends – and building a stockpile of items that had been purchased at rock-bottom prices.

My friends always knew I pinched pennies – partially as a necessity, partially as a strange hobby. I would send out emails when the deals were especially good – free items at Meijer, nice samples by request, high-value coupons for printing. I tried to email everyone I thought would be interested…but there would always be someone who would hear about the deal later and lament, “Why didn’t you tell me?!”

Then one day near the beginning of 2009, my friend Holly called asking for advice. Her husband was laid-off and she was working part-time, attempting to feed four teenagers on a very limited budget. She knew how our family shopped. I shared my favorite websites with Holly, directed her to visit some helpful frugal blogs and hoped for the best. Not long after, she called again. The websites were difficult to understand – so many abbreviations, deals involving too many coupons that didn’t exist in our area – and it was only frustrating. What could I do to help?

I thought about it for a while. I knew there wasn’t a blog for our area that detailed the best deals – I had searched high and low. Without knowing entirely what I was getting myself into, one afternoon I started a blog account. I wanted to focus on deals in and around Macomb, so I called it Macomb Money Savers and introduced it to people on my email list along with a few Facebook friends. Word spread more quickly than I’d realized. 10 readers turned into 100 and then into 1,000. The numbers are still growing, which is unbelievable to me. Now over 12,000 unique visitors drop in each month and over 1,300 fans hang out on the Facebook Fan page. And it’s quickly becoming a part-time job just keeping up with the best deals around town!

Today, I’m happy to report that Holly’s family is well-fed. Her kids were amazed that they had more food in the house with dad out of work than ever before! Within months, she was teaching a coupon class to her friends!

My hope is that you will also learn how to stretch your budget to help your family in our challenging economy. And, when possible, that you’ll also help others by sharing money-saving ideas with your friends – and donating items to food banks and charities. It’s just one small way to make a big difference!

Just a side-note: If you didn’t believe sales are cyclical,  you might want to take a look at the sales at Meijer from one year ago, including free Chex Mix, Betty Crocker frosting and Warm Delights, etc. (which are also on sale this week at Meijer)! It’s an interesting study in Grocery 101!


  1. I've been an avid follower from the very beginning. I can't thank you enough for all the hard work you do.

  2. Wow. Thanks for sharing this. I guess I have been following form the start. Thanks so much for all the work you do. Your blog is the first one I check everyday!

  3. I, too have been following from that first post, and I'm so thankful for everything that you do! It has completely changed they way I shop for groceries and I am able to donate so much more now. So thank you again! :-)

  4. Congratulations on your one year anniversary. I am so glad you are here.

  5. Great story! I have been following you since July. I was offered an on-line coupon course and was recommended the BeCentable website. Looked in the regional part for a Meijer's match-up site in MI and knew that with a title like Macomb Money Savers living in Oakland County this would be the best I could get. So glad you informed about the VGs summer doubles would never have been shopping there and definitely would have struggled through this winter without your coupon match-ups with my husband not working for about 16 months! I cannot explain what a difference it has been! Last winter we were restricted only to Aldi's were close to running out of food many times and struggled a lot. This winter we have had tons of food always, given parties no problem and not struggled nearly as much! So thanks for all you do! If only I'd known about you last February!

  6. Jolyn,
    I just started "couponing" three weeks ago but your site is one that is on my favorites task bar. I don't know how you are able to do all this for us but I am so glad that you do. I check in everyday. I wanted to say thank you very much for helping our family save money.

  7. Happy 1 year anniversary!!! I love this site because like your story said, I like to focus on the deals around me and my home. I hate how some bloggers have to list these awesome deals with regional coupons! Seems like I never have those coupons!!! I check your site before I head out to any store! :o)

  8. Congratulations on your one year anniversary, you have really made a huge impact on my family and I will always be grateful to you for that. You have done such a wonderful job, thank you so much!!!


  9. Happy Anniversary Jolyn! And a HUGE thanks for all you do!! I'm not sure exactly when I found you but I cannot tell you how excited and thrilled I was to find something dedicated to local deals!!! Congrats and here's to many, many more anniversaries!!!

  10. I, for one, am so very grateful for all your time and energy spent in organizing and publishing this information. As someone who took a leap of faith in quitting a full-time job to be a full-time SAHM, I value every dollar spent and every penny saved (as does my husband). While on paper, our life looks impossible, with God, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). And I truly believe that He is working through you to touch the lives of many.

    The scripture quote on your sidebar couldn't be more true: And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

    Your blog is an unmatched resource! Thank you!

  11. I found your site thru money saving mom and needless to say I was HOOKED!!!! I check your site often for some of the best deals that others fail to mention!! Thanks! With the current economy everyone should coupon!! I started couponing when I was 14 so........ I started rather early. I always have had a hard time spending money on myself. I know this sounds funny but it's soooooo hard to see other people buy stuff and not even use one little coupon!!!

    Thanks for all the deals and preview ad deals you let us in on! I don't think I would save half as much if I didn't have your site to go to!!!!

    Thanks for all you do!! I LOVE your site!!!!!!!

    Can we get any more exclamation points in this comment?!?!?!? :o)

  12. Happy Anniversary! I just got "back into" couponing about 5 months ago and I'm so glad I found your blog. Thanks for all your hard work!

  13. Jolyn,

    I LOVE YOU! and your blog! I just found your blog through a friend about two months ago and I'm addicted. I check your blog every day to make sure I don't miss out on anything. I am a SAHM and I need to make every penny count. You have saved me so much money, I can't thank you enough for all of your hard work. My husband thanks you too!

  14. Thank you for all that you do!

  15. Finding you was a blessing for my family, and I truly appreciate all of your hard work that you put into this blog.

    Happy Anniversary!

  16. After moving to Michigan eight months ago and not being able to find a job, I was so worried how we'd make ends meet with my boyfriend being in school and me not being able to work. I prayed for answers and one day while shopping in Meijer, I saw a lady work her total down to next to nothing and I knew this was something I needed to look into. I started scouring the internet and I found your blog through The Sharp Scissors Lady.

    When I first started couponing, it really made a difference that your match ups were tailored to our area. It was overwhelming when first starting to coupon, so your posts took the guess-work out of it. Even now I am so grateful that your blog focuses on the Detroit area.

    So Congrats on the 1-year mark and thank you for all that you do.

    God Bless You.

  17. I can tell you are a wonderful person, I didn't know the background of this blog and I'm so glad I do now. It just goes to show that all of us frugal couponing woman are looking out for each other. This blog is a testament to that. Thank you so much for all the time you put into this blog, I read it everyday and I LOVE it. I too was very frustrated with the other bloggers because they weren't specific to my area, and then I found you!! I was so happy! Thank you Thank you!!

  18. Thank you for all that you do! I have been on the site for three weeks. Today I spent 55.00 and saved 65.00 with 12.50 on my next shopping trip! Too fun! I too am now checking your website several times of day! My husband and I are in tough times and it is great to be able to cut down the grocery bill to help make ends meet.

    God Bless, what a wonderful ministry to people.
    Jamie - Grand Haven, MI
    PS Meijer let me do the Teddy Grahams, but she thought it was more of a cookie. But she did it anyways.

  19. I just want to say Thank You and God Bless You for spending your time to help so many people. Your site has been wonderful for our family, and now that I've been doing this for a year, I don't know what I'd do without you. I tell everyone that is patient enough to listen about your great blog and how great it is to have custom information for those of us in the Detroit area. Thank you so much!!!

  20. I well remember finding your blog last year and rejoicing that someone was posting local deals! I was 100 percent sure that your blog traffic would sky-rocket. I'm so glad for you that it has. Happy Anniversary and may God Bless You.

  21. Congrats on your one year anniversary! I'm in Ohio, but I really like your blog because of your Meijer deals! Will be reading for a long time!

  22. I am so happy to have found your blog. I now recommend it to everyone that I know who lives in the Detroit area. I also want to thank you for not only doing the good deals in Macomb County but the whole area in general. We live right on the edge of Oakland and Wayne County and I use the site all the time.

  23. Congrats on your blog anniversary Jolyn!! I hadn't realized it had been a full year. Keep up the awesome job.

    Tracy Mc


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