Friday, February 5, 2010

Reader Q & A: Using an Online Coupon Database

I usually receive a few emails or comments each week, all asking a similar question:

How do I find a coupon for [insert product name here]?
Are there any coupons for [insert product name here]?

Those are good questions! It’s important to be able to find the coupon you’re looking for when you’d like to use it! Along with finding a good way to keep your coupons organized, this is crucial to a coupon-user. How can you tell whether a particular coupon exists – and then find where it’s hiding?

In the past, such a search caused you to flip quickly through your coupon organizer – but technology has brought dramatic changes to the world of couponing in the form of online coupon databases. It’s a tool every smart shopper should have in his/her bag of tricks!


image Grocery Coupon Database from Coupon Mom

What is an online coupon database?

It’s simply a running list of all coupons currently available, updated as best as possible by the provider. Coupon databases come with a nice SEARCH feature, allowing you to type in that product you’re wondering about (much like a search engine for coupons!). Looking for a Cheerios coupon? Type in cheerios and see what appears. Depending on the database, you’ll find regional newspaper insert coupons, printable coupons, and even in-store coupons that may be available.

Here are some of my favorite places to go coupon-hunting:

  1. Coupon Mom (for newspaper insert coupons)
    Coupon Mom’s “Grocery Coupon Database” is a lifesaver for me. It allows you to search for coupons according to your state, providing the exact coupons that you can find in your Sunday paper. Other databases can be misleading with multiple coupons and amounts from every newspaper nationwide. Some printable coupons are also listed, but are not as reliable or regularly updated. Stick with Coupon Mom for newspaper coupons by region! (You will need to register to use the website, but it’s free and completely worth it! Coupon Mom has been an inspiration to me in the way that she encourages charity donations!

    On an additional note, if you’re a coupon insert filer (non-clipper) like me, you can sort Coupon Mom’s database according to the date published to decide when it’s time to recycle your past coupon inserts.

  2. A Full Cup and Hot Coupon World (for printable coupons)
    I use the coupon databases from A Full Cup and Hot Coupon World to find any printable coupons that might exist. These databases can be confusing because they include Sunday newspaper insert coupons from across the country (most of which our area did not receive), so try to ignore those until you check with Coupon Mom first!

  3. Google (for printable coupons)
    Yes, Google. When my other sources don’t produce the results I’m hoping for, I’ll search Google for “Cheerios printable coupon” to see what appears. Some results may be old or expired, but often I might just find what I’m looking for.

  4. Manufacturer Websites (for printable coupons or coupons by mail)
    It’s always a good idea to go directly to the source. If you don’t see printable coupons available on the website, contact the company with a phone call or email, complimenting their product and asking for coupons. You might not receive coupons in time for the sale you’re shopping for, but you will receive them in time for the next one!


  1. Thank you! What is the story with our area consistently missing out on sales and coupons?? Any insight?

  2. is a real good site too. The nice thing is that you can just go to their home page and start typing in what you are looking for and it will pop up. Unlike couponmom where you have to sign in and go through quite a bit to get to where you want to be.

  3. Like you, I file coupon inserts, not clip them (although my file system is a paper grocery bag ...). Thanks for the tip to sort by insert date. I got rid of a third of my insert stash because everything had expired in them. If I had enough ambition to clip them all, I'd send them to the military overseas. But I don't.


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