Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bakery Thrift Stores: Save a Little Dough!

If you're not up to baking your own bread, stocking up at a bread store or bakery outlet can be a good alternative. Bread freezes well (if you have the freezer space) and you can find many other baked goods as well - cakes and cookies, muffins and doughnuts, pitas, bagels and English muffins, just to name a few!

Many bakery outlets offer coupons or loyalty punch cards to stretch those savings even further. They sell the bread BEFORE expiration dates (though many will be close to expiration date) - the same bread that was sitting on your grocery shelf yesterday at full price.

While our family doesn't go often, we enjoy stopping at the Entenmann's Outlet when we're in the area. It's nice to have delicious breakfast foods if we're hosting overnight guests - or just a treat for ourselves. Who couldn't use a nice chocolate-covered doughnut from time to time? We've also found great deals at the Pepperidge Farm outlets located in many Outlet Malls (we sometimes find ourselves in Birch Run)!

Here's an article worth reading:
Bargain Secret: Bakery Thrift Stores from Like Merchant Ships

And a few bakery thrift store locations in the Macomb area:

  • Aunt Millie's Bakery in Clinton Township
    38283 S Groesbeck Hwy - (586) 468-3194
    Tracy just shopped yesterday and bought bagels and pitas (buy 1 at $0.59, get 2 free!). Great prices on breads as well!

  • Entenmann's Bakery Outlet in Warren
    5643 E 13 Mile Rd - (586) 979-9546
    Along with Entenmann's baked goods (cookies, cakes, doughnuts), they often have Boboli crusts, Weight Watchers breads, Thomas' English Muffins, and more! Grab a punch card and you'll get a free item when you fill it up.

  • Wonder Hostess Outlet in Clinton Township
    NOW at 15 & Gratiot in the same plaza as Lowe's - Thanks, Stephanie!

  • Wonder Hostess Outlet in Eastpointe
    22345 Kelly Rd - (586) 771-3048

Did I miss any area locations? Please let us know!
And what are your feelings on shopping at bread outlets?


  1. Hi there :) The wonder outlet on Groesbeck relocated to 15 mile and Gratiot in the plaza that has the Lowes

  2. There's also a Wonder outlet on Dequindre between 14 & 15 Mile -- we like stocking up on the 100 calorie cakes there!

  3. There is also a Pepperidge Farm in St Clair Shore, Little Mack and Frazho


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