Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Coupon Organizing: Poly String Envelopes

5 1/4" x 10 1/4" Coupon/Check Size Poly String Envelopes

I was THRILLED to find these transparent poly string envelopes at Dollar Castle today (specifically, at the Mound & 59 location next to Walmart). I have been looking for these EVERYWHERE for so long - and to find them in packages of 3 for $1.00 and in FOUR different colors (green isn't pictured above) was quite exciting!

WHY? Each week I organize multiple shopping lists, depending on how many stores have deals worth shopping. I pull the necessary coupons and put them in a store-labeled envelope along with my shopping list. We have multiple envelopes sitting around like this and, with children in the house, they can easily get "misplaced". Not only that, but paper envelopes often become tattered after just a week or two. These envelopes will be color-coded and labeled with a store name, just waiting to accompany me to the store for a shopping trip. And SOMEDAY, when I finally organize my coupon binder, they will tuck nicely inside! These envelopes are also nice for organizing receipts, CVS ExtraCare Bucks, or coupons.

So THANK YOU, Dollar Castle! You made my day! And, just in case you could benefit from some envelopes like these for your shopping trips, you now know where to find them. They also had 2 packs of document-size poly envelopes AND copies of the Detroit Free Press (still available on Tuesday if you didn't get what you needed!) for $1.00 each. With my purchase, I got a coupon for 1 free item on my next trip with the purchase of 10 items. There's been a little inflation there, however - some items are labeled $1.25 and some 2 for $3. Mylar balloons are now $2.49 and I even saw one item priced at $4.99. Blame the economy, I suppose - not even dollar stores can afford to charge just $1 anymore!

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