Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kroger: FREE Kool-Aid Envelopes

Kroger has Kool-Aid envelopes on sale for $0.10 each this week. Use this $0.50/10 printable coupon here and here (which will double) and get them FREE in groups of 10!

And just in case you're not up to drinking all of them, here are some other options:

1. DONATE! Food banks are short on everything, and any bit of generosity will help!

2. Read 10 Unusual Uses for Kool-Aid Brand Soft Drink Powder to learn new, creative ways to use those Kool-Aid envelopes!

3. Browse through recipes using Kool-Aid envelopes, including Kool-Aid Pickles!

4. Clean your dishwasher with Lemonade Kool-Aid!


  1. This is a great deal!

    I posted about it and included a likn back to you of course. Love the ideas you posted for using the Kool-Aid.


  2. Mix a pack of Kool Aid with a container of Cool Whip lite, then freeze it. It's awesome...and good for dieters!


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