Sunday, July 12, 2009

ALDI: July 12-18, 2009

$0.29 Plums or Peaches, each
$0.45/lb Bananas (regular price)
$0.99 Canteloupe, each
$0.99 Strawberries, 16 oz
$0.99 Blueberries, pint
$2.49 Whole Seedless Watermelon

$0.95 Chef's Cupboard Croutons, 6 oz
$0.99 Salad Dressing, reg or reduced fat, 16 oz
$0.99 Garden Salad, 12 oz
$1.49 Milk, gallon (through the rest of the summer!) Thanks, Tina!
$1.49 Fresh Gourmet Tortilla Strips, 3.5 oz (special purchase)
$1.99 Blue, Feta or Gorgonzola Cheese Crumbles, 5 oz
$1.99 Happy Farms Shredded Cheese, 12 oz
$2.29 Kirkwood Grilled Chicken Breast Strips or Cubes, 6 oz


Take a look at all of this week's Special Purchases, available beginning on Sunday.

$4.99 Oil & Vinegar Bottle Set
$4.99 Mandoline Slicer
$8.99 Salad Spinner
$9.99 Anchor Hocking 5 pc Salad Bowl Set

Don't forget the $5/$30 ALDI coupons from the JB Dollar Stretcher that you may have found in your mailbox last week! The first coupon expires July 18!

ALDI does not accept manufacturer coupons, but you'll find their prices on everyday items (including milk), to be some of the lowest in town, regularly beating out other store brand prices (and even store brand sale prices!). Wondering about ALDI? Get the scoop here:
ALDI 101

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  1. I was just there today - their milk is $1.49 (all kinds) a gallon for the rest of the summer!


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