Saturday, October 3, 2009

ALDI: October 4-10, 2009

$0.39/lb Del Monte Bananas (regular price!)
$0.99 Tomatoes, 3 pack
$1.49 Multi-Colored Peppers, 3 pack
$1.49 Caramel Apples, 3 pack
$2.29 Fresh Pumpkins

$0.99 Cream Cheese, 8 oz brick
$0.99 Carlini Tastes Like Butter, 16 oz
$0.99 Plain English Muffins, 12 oz
$0.99 Baker's Treat Honey Buns, 10.6 oz
$0.99 B-Bar Jumbo Hot Dogs, 16 oz
$0.99 Lunch Mate Bologna, 16 oz
$0.99 Clancy's Tortilla Chips, Cheese Puffs or Curls, 11-13 oz
$0.99 Mercer Cookies (choc chip, oatmeal or iced oatmeal), 16 oz
$0.99 Millville Corn Flakes, 18 oz
$0.99 Fudge Brownie Mix, 19.8 oz
$0.99 Valley View Instant Mashed Potatoes, 13 oz
$0.99 Frozen Orange Juice, 12 oz


Take a look at all of this week's
Special Purchases, available beginning on Sunday.
$0.89 Pillsbury Halloween Funfetti Cake Mix
$0.99 Autumn Tableware
$1.29 Pillsbury Halloween Funfetti Frosting
$2.99 Large Carving Pumpkins
$2.99 Baker’s Corner 4-in-1 Halloween Sprinkle Jar
$4.99 Halloween Tin or Bushel (available Thursday, Oct 8)
$12.99 Halloween Costumes, asstd licensed characters

ALDI does not accept manufacturer coupons, but you'll find their prices on everyday items (including milk), to be some of the lowest in town, regularly beating out other store brand prices (and even store brand sale prices!). Wondering about ALDI? Get the scoop here: ALDI 101

STORE HOURS (may vary at some locations)
Mon-Sat 9 am - 8 pm and Sun 10 am - 6 pm

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  1. Aldi has their pumpkins out as of last week...they are pretty big in size for 2.99


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