Wednesday, February 3, 2010

(EXPIRED) Coupon: Buy 1 Gallon White, get 1/2 Gallon Chocolate FREE

As a coupon-user, I've seen a LOT of coupons.  Milk coupons are almost non-existent, so you'll want to grab this one!!!

From now through Feb 08, 2010, you can enter to win FREE milk for a year (120 winners will get 52 free milk coupons). Click "enter drawing" at the bottom of the page (one entry per household per day). After you
enter, you will also be able to print the following coupon:
  • Free Half Gallon Chocolate Milk when you buy 1 Tallon White Milk (any brand)Coupon expires within one month. Maximum value $3.00.If you print now, you're likely to get the coupon for "Free Milk with any $100 grocery purchase."
Coupons are only available for the first 125,000 entries - and they'll disappear quickly! (See? They're already gone!)

FYI: When I entered minutes ago, I was able to use my back button to print 2 copies of the coupon (even though I've entered and printed other coupons previously). Thanks, Rita


  1. I also got the last coupon!

    Does anyone have a link to the first two coupons? thanks!!

  2. My kids thank you from the bottom of their chocolate-filled hearts!

  3. Good Morning! I have nominated you!

    Check it out

  4. I just printed the coupon and it said "Free Gallon of Milk with $100 Purchase." Guess I'll never use the 2 copies of the coupon that I printed! It didn't say anything about chocolate milk.

    Barb in Michigan


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