Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ACO Hardware: $0.50 Marcal Toilet Paper, $0.99 All Detergent

LaTasha emailed with these deals that she found yesterday at her local ACO Hardware location. Many readers have been finding some great prices at ACO. They accept manufacturer coupons, plus offer low prices in their ad each week (sometimes with in-ad store coupons). You should be able to pick up a store ad just inside the door. Keep in mind that ACO doesn’t keep a lot of items in stock so you could find the shelves empty; just ask for a raincheck if needed!

The following prices are valid through FEBRUARY 18:

$0.10 American Seed Packets, limit 20 with in-ad coupon

$2.50 Marcal Toilet Paper, 6 rolls
-$2.00/1 coupon (from 1-31 SS)
$0.50 after coupon
Note: This price is advertised in the February Store Specials flyer; it is valid through February 28.

$0.50 Arizona Iced Tea, 23.5 oz, limit 2 cases with in-ad coupon

$2.99 All Detergent, limit 2 with in-ad coupon
-$2.00/1 coupon (from 2-7 RP)
$0.99 after coupon

$1.00 Juicy Juice Brain Development Grape Juice, 33.8 oz, limit 6 with in-ad coupon

$3.99 Sterilite 18 Gallon Tote

$4.99 Wooden Suit Hangers, set of 20

CLICK HERE to view the ACO Hardware ad for your nearest location.

Have you shopped ACO before? Your tips and tricks would be appreciated!


  1. I did the All deal yesterday. :) I went on Sunday... no All... went yesterday around 12:00... no All... finally they got a shipment and I went last night. They do give Rainchecks if the item is not there :)
    So if they are gone... grab one to get the good price.

  2. Toilet paper deal???? Wooo hooo! I'm going for sure!

  3. WOW I guess I need to put ACO on my savings radar.. ThaNKS !

  4. ACO has great deals, but limited stock. So shop early! I always do a full store walk through because I have found lots of unadvertised things that turned out to be great deals and you never what you might find at ACO.

  5. Found the toilet paper, the sign on the display said $3.99 but took it up to the register anyway and it rang up for $2.50 - used my $2.00 off coupons - Final Price Per 6 Roll Pack $0.50!!!! Love it.

  6. I went to the ACO at 21 & Garfield Saturday morning. They were out of ALL, but the cashier very easily printed me up a raincheck. They also did have the toilet paper for $2.50, great deal! There were only a few up high, but I'm sure you can get a raincheck for that too. I only bought one, so I need to find the rest of my coupons and go back!


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