Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kroger: Free Bic Razors

According to an anonymous commenter (and Kroger manager), this deal will not work at Kroger. You'd actually need to purchase (pay for) one razor in order to use the coupon. With coupon (and that logic), you could then purchase 4 and pay the cost of one. Unfortunately, there's no Kroger coupon policy posted online, but Kathy (of Makin' In In Michigan) is working on acquiring one!

It has worked for a few shoppers, however.

On sale at Kroger this week (through Sunday, Feb 7):

Buy One, Get One FREE (B1G1) Bic Disposable Razors, 3-12 ct assorted varieties
- Buy One, Get One FREE Bic coupon (from 1-10 SS)
FREE when you buy 2 with coupon – Thanks, Makin’ It In Michigan!

Note: This could confuse your cashier, but it is a legitimate use of the coupon!
$7.99 Bic Razors (first item)
$0.00 Bic Razors (second item)
*The coupon will deduct the cost of one item when you purchase two*
-$7.99 coupon FREE! (plus applicable tax)
And since razors don’t have an expiration date, it’s a good idea to stock up when you can!


  1. I do believe that Super Kroger in Howell has a policy now stating you can not use coupons on B1G1 Free.

  2. My husband is a store manager for Kroger and I asked him if this was legitimate and he said no.
    You have to actually buy one to use the coupon. He also said Kroger does not take 2 seperate coupons on buy 1 get1 free.

  3. The problem is with the word Free...

    Managers seem to have problems with the word free. They really don't like thinking that their stores is giving away product for nothing. The deal for Kroger is on two items. The coupon from Bic is on two items. This coupon applies to this deal.

    Lets replace the word free with the actual amounts.

    Krogers deal is actually B1 get $7.99 off on the second razor set. Essentially, 2 for $7.99. The Bic Coupon is B1 get $6.99 off the second razor set. Essentially, 2 for $6.99 (if the store is charging $6.99 a blister pack).

    The problem is that stores charge different amounts of money and Bic wants to pay for only what is getting charged to the customer. This is why Walgreens jacked the price of the $5.99 razors to $6.99 last week. Their marketing people knew the VALUE of the coupon.

    It appears that Kroger and their store managers don't understand that the coupon has VALUE. $6.99 to be exact. Therefore, lets do the math without the word free...

    One at $7.99
    Second at $7.99 minus Kroger special of $7.99
    2 items for $7.99

    Bic Coupon is on two items. We purchased two items. Unfortunately the Bic coupon's max VALUE is $6.99. Therefore, we should get $6.99 off the two items which would look like this...

    One at $7.99 minus Bic Coupon of $6.99.
    Second at $7.99 minus Kroger special of $7.99

    Final Math
    Customer pays $1.00 plus tax on $7.99
    Kroger receives $7.99 ($1.00 from us and $6.99 from Bic) plus tax on $7.99.

    These stores managers from Kroger (and other stores that don't understand the math) need to understand that All Coupons have value (Free means up to a certain max VALUE) that is not subtracting from their revenue.

  4. Great comment, Jeremy! Very insightful! All we need to do now is sit you down with Kroger management for a little negotiation...

  5. Uh, the bic razors are on sale for 5.79 at our store in cincinnati.

  6. I have about 5 of these coupons and did have success using 1 at the 23 & Hayes Kroger this morning. I'm always afraid to over do it. They were $6.24 there. I probably won't try again because I think a lot of it depends on the cashier. I don't use these razors, but it will make a great donation!


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